Give your kids (and yourself) an Experience!

Svensk Version

Svensk Version

Whenever you plan an event, may it be a shopping centre kick-off or an internal company family day, then face painting and temp tattoo is the natural favourite activity. It's the experience that counts! Having your face painted can be a real therapeutical treat (many parents have been surprised at their children's patience and stillness)! And when the mirror is turned up, that's our big moment! Priceless Happiness!

When we arrive at your event, we're well prepared. Naturally, we have painted ourselves in designs that fire your imagination. And the kids can whish whatever they want to become. Imagine turning into a green ice fairy for a day! Maybe you don't know what that is? but don't worry, we know exactly what they want! This page is proof that no tiger is the same. Have a look in our galleries together with your kids and get a glimps of the experience lying ahead!

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