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Temp tattoo (temporary tattoo) can be enjoyed by everyone. A thin layer of paint is all there is. We apply them free hand or through stencils. We use both pens and brushes for application but most popular is application with airbrush. Airbrush application gives a sense of real tattoo, with the advantage of no needle and that the "tattoo" lasts for no more than a few days up to two weeks. It can even be washed off immediately with cleansing oil or alcohol. We only use paints with ingredients approved for cosmetic use. We strongly advice against the use of "black henna" for use on skin (not to be confused with red henna powder that can be applied as a paste to the skin and then left to dry for at least an hour). Read more about the hazards and risks with "black henna" on this link! We have a wide variety of stencils, some of which are hardly visible on the image at bottom of page. Images of how they appear on the body can be viewed below.

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